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The Smart Home Buyer Solution


It's pronounced the same as "neighbor" around here and the feeling is the same.
Exclusive Buyer Agents follow a code of ethics that has your back, and keeps you protected and informed in the process of finding and negotiating your new home.
Don't get caught thinking a listing agent is working for you - their first duty is to protect the property owner, not the buyer. Get a professional on your side who will negotiate a better price, ask the right questions and get the right answers.

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What is an Exclusive Buyer's Agent?

An exclusive buyer's agent works in an agency that represents only homebuyers. The agency does not take listings, so there is never a conflict of interest. Simply put, the exclusive buyer agency always and only represents the best interests of homebuyers.

An Exclusive Buyer's Agent CAN:
  1. Be contractually obligated to represent the BUYER and to negotiate on the BUYER's behalf;

  2. Work with the BUYER to locate and view suitable properties that meet BUYER's criteria within the agreed market area;

  3. Assist BUYER in analyzing the suitability of and establishing the value of selected properties;

  4. Assist BUYER in establishing and negotiating contract price, terms and conditions;

  5. Present offers and counter-offers at the instruction of the BUYER;

  6. Assist BUYER in addressing contract contingencies;

  7. Advise that BUYER utilize a qualified home inspector, will be present at property inspections, and will assist BUYER in preparing the response to inspections;

  8. Assist BUYER in obtaining any information pertaining to the transaction that is requested by BUYER, such as the deed, tax bill, assessment card, condominium documents, home plans and building specifications for new construction, etc.

  9. Attend a walk-through of the property with the BUYER prior to closing;

  10. Assist BUYER in preparation for closing and will attend closing with BUYER.

An exclusive buyer's agent will always put the BUYER'S interests first. An exclusive buyer's agent will be at the BUYER'S side and on the BUYER'S side 100% of the time!


The Real Difference

Legally, a seller's agency MUST act in the best interest of the seller, even if they are representing BOTH parties. It's called fiduciary duty, and the only way around it is to have your own agency on your side. Here's why:


Ethical Real Estate Service

New Hampshire Association of Exclusive Buyer's Agents was founded January, 1995 to bring together real estate professionals who truly believe in the common law of agency and the benefits of undivided loyalty to and from buyer clients.

NHAEBA is an independent alliance of real estate professionals who are engaged in the growing business practice of Exclusive Buyer Representation and as such, they never represent both buyer and seller in the same transaction.


"Unlike the traditional agent who looks out for the seller, a buyer broker acts as your advocate, helping you find the home you want, then negotiating the lowest possible price."

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